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Bringing the World Together

Mercantile Pacific is a wholesale trader, distributor, importer and exporter of mobile phones and a wide range of consumer electronics and IT products such as cameras, TVs, computers, printers, gaming consoles, data networking devices and cell phone accessories. The company has a well established and constantly growing network of partners, suppliers and customers across the world and a powerful inventory that includes popular models of all premium brands of the above mentioned products.

Occupying significant share in various international markets, Mercantile Pacific Group is active in South East Asia, India, China, Latin America, Middle Eastern Africa and CIS markets. We trade some of the biggest brands in the world, including Apple and Blackberry, and benefit our resellers and trade partners with highly competitive prices and unparalleled services.

With a firm focus on expanding our services, we aim to bring the world together!

Latest News

Mercantile Pacific ranked in Singapore S1000
News released in DP Information Group 2010 (23rd Annual) Singapore 1000 publication

We are pleased to announce that Mercantile Pacific is ranked among the TOP 1000 SMEs ináthe Annual Singapore 1000 and Singapore SME 1000 listings by DP Information Group ľ Read More

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Annual Singapore 1000 and Singapore

SME 1000 listings

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Successful Entrepreneur of the Year 2010

The business won Successful Entrepreneur of the Year 2010....Read More

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